GLMS welcomes the U.S. Supreme Court decision regarding sports betting and recalls the importance of measures against manipulations of sport competitions and illegal betting

GLMS President, Ludovico Calvi states: “GLMS welcomes the US Supreme Court decision which enables US states to establish their own regulated sports betting and combat, as a result, illegal betting activities. GLMS recalls that there are key integrity matters that need to be taken into account in this respect to safeguard sport competitions. Sports betting patterns need to be effectively monitored and analysed at local and global level and a monitoring system, such as GLMS, can play a key role in this regard. GLMS also calls upon states and relevant authorities to not underestimate the threat of illegal sports betting. Concrete measures against illegal betting operators like IP blocking, financial payments blocking and ban on advertising will be of significance. Finally GLMS calls upon US federal government to consider signing and ratifying the Council of Europe Convention on the Manipulation of Sport Competitions, which provides a complete legal framework against the phenomenon of manipulation of sport competitions”