GLMS shares with its Members educational tools

The GLMS team is pleased to share with you herewith its first tools that can be used as a basis by its Members for developing capacity building activities for both its employees, but also for the sport organisations in their countries.

GLMS is indeed delighted to send you herewith

  • An introductory guide on how the tools can be used (available here)
  • A master PPT/tool for education/capactiy building of lottery collaborators (available here)
  • A masterPPT/tool for education/capactiy building of sport organisations (available here)
  • GLMS will be further elaborating on the educational tools and is pleased to work — upon request — directly with each Member in customising the tools for the specific needs of the respective country. Please, feel encouraged to take contact with us in order to receive further information / support on how to develop your educational programme.

    The tools are property of GLMS and should not be forwarded or shared with non-GLMS Members without the explicit authorisation of the GLMS General Secretariat.