Manufacture of lottery tickets

We manufacture lottery tickets of ALL the possible types:

  • Envelope tickets
    • Traditional envelopes — from $0.025
    • Thermal envelopes — from $0.028
    • Tickets with grommets — from $0.029 to $0.038
    • Rolled tickets — from $0.012
  • Scratch cards
    • Traditional scratch cards — from $0.09 (depending on the ticket size and paper density)
    • Pre-drawn lottery tickets — from $0.02
    • Tear-off tickets — from $0.006
  • Pull-tab tickets – from $0.014
  • Draw based lottery slips and tickets
    • Draw based number lottery slips – from $0.005
    • Draw based lottery tickets – from $0.023
  • Exclusive lottery tickets – the cost is determined by the type of product chosen by the client
  • Receipt tape for printing fiscal lottery receipts – supplies are made for the partners who work under projects with Reallot technology (the cost is calculated on a case by case basis)

Attention! The above mentioned prices for manufacture of all the types of lottery tickets are valid for one-time press-runs of more than 1,000,000 units under long-term annual agreements. In case of ordering 100,000 units and more the price may be higher.

Our company is performing a great range of various orders and can meet all the possible clients’ requirements:

  • Various methods of manufacture: We can manufacture any type of high quality lottery tickets and coupons for promotion lottery draws in a due time.
  • Various press-run sizes: You can order any press-run, from 10,000 to 100,000,000 copies of secured or non-secured printed products.
  • Various complexity of variable information: We can manufacture lottery tickets with any level of complexity of variable information, from simple designation of the nominal value of the prize and simplest verification code to adding of encoded information that may include a unique set of variable information.
  • Various packaging: We can manufacture a package for printed products from any materials, make if multilayered (coffer/box/unit/pack) and label it with information of any complexity level.

With our company you will get perfect turnkey lottery products designed by professionals with many years of experience and corresponding to the lottery rules, legal requirements and your demands.

We have in-house production capacities and strong partner relationships with companies specializing in manufacture of secured printed products.

Envelope tickets

The principal feature of envelope tickets is the fact that in the process of manufacture paper with lottery information is folded into an envelope shape.

Envelope tickets include traditional envelope tickets, thermal envelope tickets, tickets with grommets (Sprint-type lottery tickets) and rolled tickets.

Traditional envelopes

СТОИМОСТЬот $ 0,025

Traditional envelope ticket is the most common type of envelope tickets. The edges of such a tickets are glues and pressed on both sides.
Lottery information is inside the multiple ticket.

To find out the lottery game result, players need to tear off the ticket “ears”, unfold the envelope and read information printed inside.

Thermal envelopes

СТОИМОСТЬот $ 0,028

Thermal envelopes differ from traditional ones in that such tickets are pressed and glued on three sides.
Thermal envelope tickets are made from a denser paper and thus they look brighter and do not require multiple folding.

Tickets with grommets (Sprint-type lottery tickets)

СТОИМОСТЬот $ 0,029

Sprint-type lottery tickets are not glued but fastened with grommets.
The lottery panel is inside the ticket.

To determine the game result, one shall tear off a part of the ticket with grommet along the line of weakness and open the envelope.

Tickets of this type come in four types depending on the number and location of grommets: One grommet on one side, two grommets on one side, three grommets on one side, and one grommet on each of two sides.

СТОИМОСТЬот $ 0,032
СТОИМОСТЬот $ 0,038
СТОИМОСТЬот $ 0,03
Rolled lottery tickets

СТОИМОСТЬот $ 0,012

Rolled tickets are the smallest of all the paper lottery tickets.
For these tickets, paper with printed lottery information is rolled unto tube, pressed and glues on two opposite sides.

To determine the game result, one shall tear off the ticket “ears” along the perforation, unroll the ticket and read the information printed inside.

Scratch cards

For scratch cards we recommend cardboard paper with the density of not less than 200 g/m². These tickets may have any possible size.

High paper density allows printing high-quality, bright and saturated images.

Scratch cards may be manufactures as separate cards, rolls with perforation between the tickets and as a folded strip.

Scratch cards may be further subdivided into the following types: Tradition scratch cards, pre-drawn lottery tickets, tear-off scratch cards (for distribution by lottery terminal for video lottery sale).

Traditional scratch cards

СТОИМОСТЬот $ 0,09* * The price depends on the size of the ticket and paper density.

Traditional scratch cards have special fields with lottery information that are covered with varnish and protective removable layer.
To play the lottery game, one shall scratch off the removable layer from the lottery panel and see the result.

Pre-drawn lottery tickets

СТОИМОСТЬот $ 0,02

Pre-drawn lottery tickets belong to the class of scratch cards. Their principle feature is that every ticket has a prize.
This makes pre-drawn lottery games one of the most popular types of paper lottery tickets.

To find out the result, one shall scratch off the protective layer from some of the game fields in accordance with the algorithm described in the lottery rules.

The prize value depends on nothing else but the choice of fields by the player.

Instant scratch-off lottery tickets need the highest level of security.

Tear-off scratch cards

СТОИМОСТЬот $ 0,006

Tear-off scratch cards are used for distribution through vending machines.
In the process of dispense the system read the ticket result and displays win or loss visualization on the screen which adds entertainment component to the lottery game.

Paper tickets play only auxiliary role in the process, have minimal size and do not require an appealing design.

Pull-tab tickets

СТОИМОСТЬот $ 0,014

Pull-tab tickets are made of two pieces of cardboard paper glues together. Lower piece of paper contains the lottery information, the top layer (over the lottery information) has pull tabs.

To access the lottery game result, one shall pull the tabs out using perforation.

Pull-tab tickets are printed on high density paper (cardboard) and thus may be bright and colourful.

Draw based number lottery slips

СТОИМОСТЬот $ 0,005

Draw based number lottery slips are printed on thin paper and contain field to make stakes by hand.

After the player fills in the numbers, the appropriate point of sales records information from the slip using special equipment and software.

Draw based lottery tickets

СТОИМОСТЬот $ 0,023

Draw based lottery tickets contain a pre-printed number combination that is determined by the rules of specific lottery draw.

Such tickets are printed on thin paper and may have various sizes and design.

Receipt tape for printing fiscal lottery receipts

The tape is supplied to the partners who work under projects with Reallot technology

Receipt tape for printing fiscal lottery receipts is used in Reallot-based lottery products.

It is loaded instead of or in addition to standard receipt tape and allows the player to print the results of online lottery games.

The tape has security grids, microtext and guilloche elements printed with the use of offset process on the back side of the tape and on the front side with thermal layer.

This minimizes a chance of forgery of the information printed on the receipt tape.

Exclusive lottery tickets

The cost is determined by the type of product chosen by the client

VIP lottery tickets differ from classical tickets in the use of more expensive printing technologies and materials of higher quality.

We can make them of high quality cardboard and paper and apply captions and images with the use of embossment, silk printing, UF-printing, lamination or varnishing.

Aside from the materials, exclusiveness of the ticket may be also determined by its size.

Besides, tickets of this type may be die cut (have unusual shape) and glow in the dark (in case phosphorescent paints are used).

Lottery tickets of this type may be supplies with additional security features similar to those of security papers.