Development of turnkey lottery products

We offer you only high level professional services. Out fundamental difference from many other companies that provide similar services is that:

  • We are professionals and we have specialists with more than 15 years of experience in this field.
  • We are not mediators, we provide a full range of services through our own staff and with our in-house printing equipment.
  • We take responsibility for your results and thus support our clients not only in the initial development period but also in the process of the project start-up.
  • We offer patented innovative technologies and exclusive solutions.

We know first-hand how difficult it may be to build and interconnect separated components of lottery project at every stage. That is why we offer development of turnkey lottery products for you to minimize your risks and get a high quality lottery product.
By choosing one or more turnkey lottery products you get yourself rid of the need to think off the whole business algorithm.
Packages products will be customized for you and thoroughly thought through by a team of professional with many years of experience in the field.ий опыт.

Lottery design

Lottery design is what determines the choice of potential customers – buy a ticket or just go by. Bright, eye-catching design that have been developed in accordance with certain laws ensures customer demand.

We develop lottery design and layouts of lottery ticket subjects based on our long-term professional experience, market analysis and player psychology with regards to the clients’ demands and manufacturing specifications.

As a results of this services we will offer drawings of lottery ticket design and technical layouts with possible location of game and verification fields as well as image and content of the back side of lottery tickets for your approval.

Lottery mathematics

The logic of lottery mathematics, winning frequency and prizes determine interest, trust and demand of the customers.

With this service we provide a complete set of documents including calculations of the lottery mathematics, selling value of the tickets, nominal value of prizes, estimated value of every prize per a press-run of lottery tickets, frequency of prizes and other fundamental lottery information.

We calculate all these number with regard to the client’s demands, lottery market analysis, applicable law and player psychology for a specific region or country.

Lottery game rules

Game rules are one of the most important feature of lottery for the player. Clear and interesting rules is a key to interest and success of lottery among the customers.

There are many eloquent stories in the lottery market when a worthy lottery product ruined by bad lottery rules. A significant part of the target customers may be discouraged by either too complicated, intricate terms that most of people cannot understand or by too primitive rules.

We have an archive of more than 100 testified models of various rules that can be adopted to you lottery and make it popular among players.

Legal support

Legal business is rather complicated, it required a great amount of specific knowledge and bears appropriate risks.

With our legal support you will get a full or minimal set of documents required for launching and operation of lottery business.


If you have decided to start a lottery business but are new to the inner workings, for example do not completely understand who you should make agreements with and how you shall do it, what employees you need to hire and what legal arrangements you need to do for your lottery, Legal Support is your answer.

Besides the letterheads and document forms, Legal Support includes a step-by-step instruction on what to do in common situation and how you should act to protect yourself from troubles and unpleasant surprised. By following the instruction as close as possible, you can easily start a lottery business or put it on hold if you need it.

Lottery advertising campaign

We all know that properly organized advertising campaign plays an important role in achievement of high performance results of a product. For maximum efficiency and impact on customers, advertising campaign shall draw on experience in various fields (from marketing and psychology to literature and linguistics), be well planned, thoroughly thought through and perfectly implemented.

We offer development, planning and holding of advertising campaigns the content and scale of which may be different depending on the specified goal:

  • Market launch of a new lottery product
  • Popularization of lottery games
  • Promotion of lottery sales volume

In accordance with the client’s goals and capabilities, we can help with both large-scale turnkey advertising campaigns (including the whole set of activities from lottery image making and website development to advertising in mass media and organization of promotional events with promotional actions and raffles) and local services (such as development and production of advertising materials for lottery selling stores).

TOP 6 completed lottery products

This section presents some real projects that have been best sellers on the Russian and foreign markets and a completely ready for a quick start.

By choosing one or more lotteries from this list, you get a testified (more than once), successful and profitable product. Such a product will be of equal interest both for newbies and for those who have an eye for good lottery. Advantage of these products is that they are quick to launch and start to make profit.

With minimal adjustment of the concept and design of any of the lottery products below to the specifics and legal requirements of this or that country you quickly get a variant of successful lottery that start to return on investments immediately.


The product has an interesting, versatile concept. Every customer may choose a ticket with his or her birth year sign in the Chinese zodiac which makes the ticket more “personal”.

Halyava (sprint)

The project ought its success to prize allocation -- every ticket has a prize. Higher winning frequency attracts more customers to this lottery.

Wishes Come True

Wishes Come True lottery projects is based on material prizes which attract attention of many customers.

Lot Sprint Money

Design of this lottery project tickets includes the image of banknotes. Depending on what geographical area the lottery is going to be distributed, it may be the image of local currency.

Oil Lotto

Due to the concept of this product, retail networks may promote sales of their products by using them as prizes for thus lottery. For example, prizes for Oil Lotto lottery were the gasoline sold by gas-filling stations or discounts on gasoline purchase.


Apex lottery product is based on the logic of probabilistic lotteries with a winning combination in every ticket. The prize value depends on nothing else but what fields the player is choosing and if he or she is able to stop the game at the right time. The algorithm of scratching fields off is connected with the game type and described in the lottery rules. Probabilistic lottery tickets generate highest interest and thus always stay popular with with customers.