Lottery business has long been impossible without the use of automation tools which let you:
  • Develop you business: Absence of proper automation of lottery business process is main barrier to growth of distribution networks and deployment of new, up-to-date lottery products.
  • Control: Automation makes it possible for lottery operators to generate online progress reports on every lottery.
  • Accounting: Incoming deliveries from production facilities, dispatches to sales representatives, remains and sales volume at points of sale, settlements with counteragents, winning verification and expert evaluation – for success of lottery business, all of these business processes shall be subject to rigorous control.
  • Security: Deployment of IT solutions significantly increases security level and immunity to fraudulent action. Modern technologies help to minimize or even eliminate cases of forget winning lottery tickets.

 QR Loto ERP system

    • Technology based on QR-codes and proprietary software product.
      The technology automate the process of organization, production and distribution of lottery products as well as lottery draws and payment of prizes at all the staged of operation. The point is that every lottery item (ticket, slip, coupon, etc.) regardless of its kind, type and other characteristics gets special hidden and visual QR-codes with unique lottery information that is used for automation of all the movements of this lottery items, from the moment of production to registration of the paid out prize.
      Technical specifications allow typographical printing of QR-codes on any traditional lottery items with no interference with the usual procedure of printed secured or non-secured products.
      Depending on the technical infrastructure of intermediate points of retail sales, flow of lottery tickets may be controlled from various mobile devices (from desktop computers to phones/smartphones; there is no need to have scanners or any additional devices) within appropriate software application that registers time, flow and transactions related lottery products and sends information to server in online or offline mode.
  • Equipment for any types of lottery sale points:
    • Mobile street sellers
    • Folding street tent tables
    • Island-type stands in shopping malls
    • Street stands and stalls
    • Vending equipment (lottery and payment terminals for printed lottery ticket sale)


1C: automated accounting system

1C is the most wide-spread enterprise management system in CIS countries. Its current versions allow both local and cloud-based operation. Besides 1C is rapidly developing Android mobile solutions. Principle 1C features:

  • Automation of everyday enterprise activities
  • Inventory management
  • Enterprise operations management
  • Accounting with multiple charts of accounts
  • Support of multicurrency accounting
  • Payroll and personnel management

Thanks to huge popularity and common use, 1C developers have created a number of applied solutions for various types of companies. However due to the narrow profile of lottery business there is no special solution for lottery accounting. At the same time lottery accounting has some specific aspects that are impossible to register in typical configuration:

  • Number registration Every lottery ticket has a unique number that shall be registered. Boxes, packages and blocks of lottery tickets also have unique numbers.
  • Winning ticket accounting Lottery tickets are one of a kind type of products in this regard. No other business implies any transactions with the sold products. In case of lottery, after the sale one shall account the value of prizes as well as register collection, logistics and destruction of every winning tickers with regard to its unique number.
  • Non-standard reports Based on our long-term experience, we have developed a number of sample forms for lottery reports such as:
    • POS and seller reports
    • Prize reports
    • Period report for vendors
    • Press-run closure report
    • Unsold ticket report
    • Act of transfer for expert evaluation
    • Act of destruction
    • Act of rejections
    • Reports for registration authority

Thanks to 1C open architecture and codes, we have developed our own configuration with all of improvements described above. Our 1C: Lottery Accounting module is self-sufficient and may be used for accounting of all the transactions without any other products.

Important!!! As 1C accounting system is focused on office use which is not always good for online accounting of transactions in retail networks we have integrated it with our proprietary QR Loto ERP system.

This lets you move freely out of office and make transactions in warehouses, in the process of transportation and in street points of sale. All the transactions will be automatically transferred to QR server that, in its turn, will send the required accounting information to 1C server. It means that your accountant will have no need to migrate information from one system into another by hand.

The system also covers backward communication. For example, every payment of prizes that your accountant adds to 1C will be automatically sent to QR online system and reflect in your system settlements with counteragents.

Description of RealLot technology:

The technology implies generation of electronic archive of information that have preloaded results of customer actions in software products installed on equipment in GoldCard clubs and MegaTrade parlours. The electronic archive contains the following information:

  • Number/code of the data carrier (promotional GoldCard coupon, trading tick for a MegaTrade quote)
  • Win or loss result in case of choosing this data carrier

Information from the electronic archive is printed on secured paper as a book. This makes a hard printed copy of electronic archive. The book (hard printed copy of electronic archive) is certified by a notary public. The notary public keeps a copy of the certified book.

When a customer interacts with a terminal (makes a choice of quotes in MegaTrade project or takes part in a promotional event in GoldCard project) the system enquired information on the lottery result from the pre-formed array of data and displays the answer.

All the information the customer sees on the screen is printed on a secured cheque.

The customer or a representative of regulation authorities may always compare the content of the printed cheque with the electronic archive on a special verification website or by getting access to the notarized book (kept in the office of lottery operator).

Also anyone who field like it may get access to the second copy of the notarized book that is kept by the notary public.

It means that anyone can make sure that the result of participation in this or that lottery event is free from any manipulations at the point of sale but completely complies with the pre-formed information.

Technical process: