Retail equipment


Street stands

Street stand is the most profitable type of lottery sale points. In addition to sale of paper lottery tickets, it allows mounting of up to 6 panels with electronic lotteries. The stand had a windows for display of lottery tickets and place for a seller. The stand is recommended for locations with high customer traffic.



Indoor island-type stands

Indoor island-type stand is good for sale of printed lottery tickets and setup of online lottery sale equipment in shopping malls. The shape of the stand tabletop gives customers easy access to the assortment of lottery tickets and lets them check the results of the purchased instant lottery tickets.

The stand is equipped with a news ticker and two screens to show advertisements and lottery game announcements. The stand has inside storage facilities with lockable doors to store some product inventory.



Street stall set for lottery ticket sale

The street stall set consists of the following:

  • Folding table
  • Chair
  • Umbrella
  • Table tent for display of lottery tickets
    Hanging board for used
    winning lottery tickets and photos
    of winners

The set is portable and easy to install.



Vending tray for mobile lottery seller

The tray is good for displaying many lottery tickets on a minimal space so that they may be easily seen by customers.

The size of the tray may be adjusted to the number of lottery tickets you are planning to sell.



Lottery machines

There are two available types of lottery machines:


May be used in the points of sales. Selling lottery tickets from lottery machines makes the process of buying a lottery ticket more interesting for your customers.


One of the key, irreplaceable elements of lottery draws. The lottery machine is made of durable materials and has high legs. The lottery machine barrel is rotating freely; rotation may be started from a remote controller.